“I stand for pro bono service.  Once of the most important things lawyers can do is to offer their time to those in need.  Personally, I enjoy taking pro bono cases when I can and volunteering for my local bar association’s “Lawyer in the Library” program, which provides a forum for individuals with discrete legal questions to meet with a lawyer and receive free legal guidance.

Though the ABA, I have also volunteered for the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, though which civilian attorneys offer to represent military members facing civil legal issues that are outside of military lawyers’ scope of representation.  Through Operation Stand-By, civilian attorneys can also volunteer to provide lawyer-to-lawyer consultations to JAG officers in need of guidance on local or unique issues.  The ABA Military Pro Bono Project offers those of us who are not serving a wonderful opportunity to help those who are.

The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service hosts an online “National Pro Bono Opportunities Guide” (https://www.probono.net/aba_oppsguide/) that is a great clearinghouse for pro bono opportunities in your state – even opportunities that are not directly affiliated with the ABA.  There are many people in need, and many different ways to serve them.  Every lawyer can find a way to give back to his or her community through pro bono service, and the ABA provides a perfect platform to do that.”