My clients are the strongest, most resilient and determined women that I have ever met in my entire life.  They are the victims and survivors of human trafficking.

I became involved with these women through the Lawyers Club of San Diego.  As members of a feminist bar association, we were looking for a way to make a difference.  We tackled this issue when I was a board member and later president of the Lawyers Club. We founded the Human Trafficking Collaborative in May of 2014 to bring together the legal and broader community to address human trafficking and support survivors.

With help from the ABA Survivor Reentry Project, we were successful in getting vacatur legislation passed in California.  Basically, this law allows human trafficking survivors to remove legal charges from their criminal records if they can prove that their crimes arose from their victimization.  For human trafficking survivors, a clean record opens the door to housing, employment, education and reunifying with their children.

I assisted trafficking survivors on a pro bono basis while I worked as a civil litigator at Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP.  With the support of my firm, I left private practice last year to launch a nonprofit called Free to Thrive.

At Free to Thrive, our services go beyond serving our clients’ legal needs — we support our clients in achieving their goals and dreams for the future.