I stand for social justice. Equal treatment and equal opportunity can allow all of us to live healthy, prosperous lives, which set the foundation for our communities to thrive. One way to develop this foundation is by improving the social determinants of health for all people, in every community, so that we can all live our best, regardless of the conditions and circumstance in which we were born and which we face.

Through my work, I help create change within justice systems so our returning citizens, particularly those with mental illnesses, and their families, can have a second chance to rebuild their lives, improve their health outcomes, and overcome the collateral consequences associated with a conviction. Within my pro bono and volunteer service, I strive to help people in my community gain stability by having equitable access to quality legal and social services so that they can navigate the laws and policies that often create barriers to basic necessities, like healthcare, healthy food, and a safe place to sleep.