“I decided to enroll in the Disaster Relief Clinic, because I have a genuine desire to serve communities that have suffered hardships and people who have been subjected to circumstances that render them particularly vulnerable. These people, I find, are the most resilient, forward-thinking people to work with, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to provide my service in this capacity. My experience in the Disaster Relief Clinic has been nothing short of real-world, practical lawyering. While under the guidance of Disaster Relief Clinic Director, Melissa Luckman, I have learned about the various assistance programs available to affected families, forms of disaster protection, and the intricacies involved in rebuilding a community struck by natural disaster. Working here also gave me the opportunity to regularly interact with clients, apply my knowledge and skill-set as a law student, while offering a sense of compassion and optimism to our hard-working clients. I am truly appreciative of the practical learning I have obtained in this Clinic and I will carry this practice with me as I enter the legal profession.”