I stand for diversity, inclusion, and engagement in law and in life.  Diversity is beautiful and broad; Diversity of thought, background, life experiences, race, age, culture, location, ethnicity, religion, color, ability and disability. But, there’s no diversity without inclusion. Inclusion is not limited to tolerance.   It’s about being accepted and recognized for the sum of your experiences; for who you are, what you are, and where you’ve been. It’s being invited into the conversation, whatever that may be. It’s being listened to and received with sincerity and genuine curiosity.  There’s no inclusion without engagement.  Now, technology makes engagement more powerful than ever.

Law is human. Lawyers can touch people from all walks of life, by influencing and shaping policy. They have the extraordinary ability to tell stories and shape narratives for those who otherwise go unheard. That’s a huge megaphone and a lot of positive power.

Through the ABA, I get a chance to interact with lawyers, and those from many other professions, serving as Chair of the Social Networking Committee. I also have the pleasure of engaging with ABA law student members from many diverse backgrounds who have much to offer the profession.  Being a part of the Membership and Diversity Committee for the Section of Science and Technology also gives me the opportunity to add more diverse voices to our social media platforms.

The ABA is a gateway to engaging and learning about those who have so much to give in law and in life.