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  • Lourdes Rosado

    Like many other people, I am deeply troubled by the large number of young Latino and African American males who become involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.  Without…...Read my story

  • Steve Binder

    I started working with the homeless population as a new attorney in a new office.  The Public Defender’s office had just formed to take on all criminal cases in San…...Read my story

  • Andrew VanSingel

    Throughout law school, I demonstrated an interest in public service by volunteering with an Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Clinic, where I experienced firsthand the value and need for pro bono…...Read my story

  • Jamie Quient

    My clients are the strongest, most resilient and determined women that I have ever met in my entire life.  They are the victims and survivors of human trafficking. I became…...Read my story

  • Robert E. Bloch

    Toward the end of 2014, my wife and I traveled to Eastern Europe.  The trip focused on Jewish history, particularly during World War II with stops in Berlin, Prague, Budapest,…...Read my story

  • Jeff Yungman

    I began my career as a police officer in New Orleans.  I loved the job but realized that I actually cared more about social justice than criminal justice. So, I…...Read my story

  • Sara Sommarstrom

    I run a legal assistance program within a social service agency in Minnesota, and our mission is to end homelessness among veterans.  That may sound like the impossible dream, but…...Read my story

  • Wendy Huff Ellard

    After a very rewarding internship with a public interest firm on the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina, I started with the Firm in 2007 and quickly began working to…...Read my story

  • Dan Wade

    As Staff Attorney for United Policyholders, a national non-profit organization that assists individual consumers and disaster survivors with insurance claim and coverage issues, I have the opportunity to work collaboratively…...Read my story

  • Ginger Devaney

    I work as a legal aid attorney in a domestic violence nonprofit in Chicago. I help clients who have experienced domestic violence achieve safety first, through Orders of Protection, and…...Read my story

  • Iman Boundaoui

    I am a coordinator for CAIR-Chicago’s Travelers Assistance Project, an organization of Chicago-based attorneys and interpreters who help people detained from entering the United State at O’Hare Airport. Typically these…...Read my story

  • I. Ryan Neville

    Providing services to those in need is one of the main reasons I became a lawyer.  It truly is the most rewarding work.  The survivors you’re helping through the DLS…...Read my story

  • Alexis Bullard

    “I decided to enroll in the Disaster Relief Clinic, because I have a genuine desire to serve communities that have suffered hardships and people who have been subjected to circumstances…...Read my story

  • Kathy Flaherty

    I have the good fortune to lead a dedicated team of attorneys and paralegal advocates (with great support staff) at Connecticut Legal Rights Project. We represent low income people living…...Read my story

  • The Hon. Patricia Bank

    My wonderfully supportive maternal and paternal grandparents provided me a life-long source of inspiration; they were wise, dignified, and fiercely independent in thoughts and deeds, commanding as opposed to demanding…...Read my story

  • Megan Forbes

    I chose to work in the Disaster Relief Clinic because being from the south shore of Long Island, Super storm Sandy’s effect hit close to home, and I wanted to…...Read my story

  • Jolevette Mitchell

    I chose to work in the Disaster Relief Clinic at Touro Law Center because a home is where dreams are made, values are learned, and love is shared.  I was…...Read my story

  • Martin Gauto

    During my time in law school, I worked in the immigration clinic that serves vulnerable populations, including immigrant children who had been abandoned, abused and/or neglected. Seeing and working with…...Read my story

  • Kimberly D. Rice

    I stand for diversity, inclusion, and engagement in law and in life.  Diversity is beautiful and broad; Diversity of thought, background, life experiences, race, age, culture, location, ethnicity, religion, color,…...Read my story

  • Kari Petrasek

    I was very involved in both the ABA YLD and the Washington State YLD. Around 2009, the ABA YLD public service project was “Serving Our Seniors,” a teaching Will clinic…...Read my story

  • Mercedes Badia -Tavas

      I am of counsel in the Chicago office of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, where I practice immigration and naturalization law and regularly counsel Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and…...Read my story

  • Deanna Adams

    I stand for social justice. Equal treatment and equal opportunity can allow all of us to live healthy, prosperous lives, which set the foundation for our communities to thrive. One…...Read my story

  • Kerry R. Peck

      I’ve been involved in helping to prevent older adults from being financially exploited for more than 30 years.  In fact, I co-wrote a book on the subject for the…...Read my story

  • Rich Williamson

    “I stand for pro bono service.  Once of the most important things lawyers can do is to offer their time to those in need.  Personally, I enjoy taking pro bono…...Read my story

  • Melba Pearson

    I was a prosecutor for 16 years and president of the National Black Prosecutors Association.  Because of the work I was doing for criminal justice reform, my profile caught the…...Read my story

  • Franchesca Hamilton-Acker

      After interning with Acadiana Legal Service Corporation as an undergraduate, I fell instantly in love with the idea that my commitment to public service wouldn’t have to be just…...Read my story

  • Richard Lord

      The ABA stands for service and learning: service to our system of laws and, by extension, to all of those the legal system serves. And it is an opportunity…...Read my story

  • Ray Paddington

    I stand for protecting the injured...Read my story