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The American Bar Association is outraged that the administration  proposes to eliminate funding for the Legal Services Corporation in its budget and calls on every member of Congress to restore full funding.


LSC Talking Points:

  • Funding for the Legal Services Corporation only accounts for 1/10,000th of the total federal budget.
  • Every year, LSC provides legal aid for 1.9 million individuals and their families. LSC grantees provide civil legal aid for the poor, addressing matters involving safety, subsistence and family stability.
  • In 2015, LSC grantees served households with veterans in 44,569 cases.
  • Most legal aid practices are focused on family law and housing matters.
  • Over 115,000 cases closed by LSC grantees in 2015 involved domestic violence.
  • By renegotiating mortgages, resolving landlord-tenant disputes, and assisting renters facing wrongful eviction and property foreclosure, LSC grantees help clients stay in their homes.
  • Almost 70 percent of all cases closed by LSC grantees in 2015 involved women.
  • Elder clients often require legal assistance due to special health, income and social needs, such as accessing the government-administered benefits on which many depend.
  • LSC grantees operate 812 offices throughout the United States and its territories.


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