Richard Lord

Shareholder – Upchurch, Watson, White & Max Mediation Group    The ABA stands for service and learning: service to our system of laws and, by extension, to all of those the legal system serves. And it is an opportunity for all members to learn and for those who serve to have…...

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Franchesca Hamilton-Acker

Managing Attorney, Child(ren) in Need of Care Unit   After interning with Acadiana Legal Service Corporation as an undergraduate, I fell instantly in love with the idea that my commitment to public service wouldn’t have to be just an aside but could be the focus of my legal career. I…...

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Melba Pearson

 Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Florida, Inc.   I was a prosecutor for 16 years and president of the National Black Prosecutors Association.  Because of the work I was doing for criminal justice reform, my profile caught the eye of the executive director of the ACLU in Florida.…...

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